17 Sep 2019


RSA Films Director Alexander Farrell Discovers the

17 Sep 2019

RSA Films Director Alexander Farrell Discovers the ‘Monster Hunter’

At first glance this film looks like it might be just another portrait of a nessie hunter. You would be forgiven for believing that your about to watch yet another short film about a tragic wifeless freak who has dedicated the last twenty eight years, (and counting) to trying to solve the loch Ness mystery. Another attempt at capturing the essence of why someone would wish to devote their life to this adventure…. The next short film in a long line of short films that have told the same tale. You would be forgiven for thinking this, but you would be wrong. 
Mind you, that’s what I believed too….at the start. 
I believed we were going to make a portrait.  For the first couple of days of filming I was under the impression that this was going to be another retelling of my story, only this time filmed in the most cinematic of styles.   I was wrong. Pretty soon it dawned on me that we were making something quite different. A charecature. A larger than life version of me, an idealised image, a fictional MONSTERHUNTER. By the time I realised that I was in fact acting, it was too late. Within a very short time I was in it right up to my neck, locked in, locked on. One of the biggest rolla coaster rides that I have ever accidentally found myself on…. Ever.  
One day I might write a book about my life’s adventures, if I do then I will need to dedicate at least a chapter to telling the story behind how we made this film, the emotional highs and the tear enducing lows that have been the hallmark of everything that has happened since I responded positively to Alexander  J Farrell s  first email,  suffice for now to say that I had no idea the film would end up looking so beautiful, nor that the journey to this point would encapsulate such energy, passion and at times utter madness. 
It’s a charecature. I play the roll of a larger than life version of myself. In reality I do not climb 175 foot sheer cliff faces just to get a better view, I do not rise out of the Loch like a frozen Neptune, And I don’t actually do all that much cycling. 
I was 55 when I responded positively to Alexs first email, I had no expectations that such a whirlwind of intensity was just over the horizon heading my way, never for one moment had I thought to wonder what’s that coming over the hill? Is it a nutcase with a camera? 
It is a charecature, I am playing the part of  Alexs vision of a MONSTERHUNTER.  I went to Belgium to record the voice over, it was only then that Alex presented me with the script, some of the wording I struggle a bit to identify with, but the overall message of ‘it’s your life, follow your heart’  is a sentiment that I have felt to be true even as far back as my original video diary “Desperately Seeking Nessie” (made for the BBC, still available on YouTube) , I am delighted that this film contains that same belief. 
This was one of the most unexpected, intense, euphoric adventures that I have ever had. We started filming a year ago,  it’s taken all this time to come to fruition, now at last I can share it. 
I am so proud of what we achieved, what Alex achieved, what the whole crack team managed to achieve. We all know how bloody crazy it was, and that memory will stay with us forever. 
Embrace the unpredictable I say, because one day we too will be old…  think of all the stories that we could have told. 

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