04 Sep 2018

Bored? Not yet.

  Last week I had an email

04 Sep 2018


Last week I had an email from the German cruise company AIDA, asking if I would like to come on a boat trip on Loch Ness this Wednesday (tomorrow) with some of their VIP guests. To maybe give some kind of a talk, or just to mingle and meet.

I thought about it for a few days, but I really couldn’t see how it would work well for them, the reality being that if this boat trip is their once in a lifetime Loch Ness experience, then they really don’t want to spend their precious time on the water listening to my tales.

By the end of the week I emailed them back saying thanks but no thanks. Explaining my reservations.

Chancing my luck a wee bit, and knowing that this would never happen, I added a suggestion that maybe the best way to make it work would be to fly me to the port that they dock at one stop before loch Ness, welcome me on board, and then from there I could give a presentation about the Loch and my career hunting for Nessie, during the time spent at sea before arriving at Invergordon. Adding that this might be a good idea worth thinking about for next year.

Nice plan Steve, but they will never go for that you and I would be forgiven for thinking.

So, that email was sent late Friday afternoon. Stone me if two hours later they didn’t message back asking if I would fancy flying from Inverness to Belfast on Monday, joining the ship for two days, giving a talk, and then when tomorrow we land at Invergordon joining them for the afore mentioned boat ride up Loch Ness!
….. Paid of course!

Didn’t take me long to say “yes please, what a great idea”, silly not to seize the opportunity to have a mini cruise round the top of Scotland, who knows, maybe even spot some whales during my ‘deck time’, bit of fine dining, and back in Inverness on Wednesday afternoon in time for the tapas Bar happy hour.

So here I am.
Sat at the blunt end of the boat, German beer in hand, trying to spot whales. So far I’ve only managed a pod of about 15 dolphins, and two spouts of water that may or may not have been whale related.

So, to cut a long story short, in answer to people who occasionally ask,
No I don’t get bored.

Porpoise on the starboard bow! There she blows!


I would have willingly done the whole trip just for the spectacular views of the northern tip of the Isle of Skye. Here’s my favourite photo what I took…..


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